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All Done For The Season!

Enjoy the summer!


****Remember too: our Youth Sunday School at 10:30 am every Sunday



Below is our off-site consent link for our next offsite event. After reading this form, parents must push the "AGREE" button at the bottom to send an email copy to our Youth Pastor Trevor Dunham or another designated leader. When the email opens, please just put the Parent/Guardian Name and Participant's name in space provided and press send. EVEN BETTER - REGISTER FOR THE WHOLE YEAR USING THE PDF FORM ON THIS SITE - Please note: It is parent's responsibility to ensure that the annual registration form is filled in with current medical information. Shawnigan Alliance Church requests registration in September and in January of every ministry season. Registration form is also on this site. 

Please read before pressing AGREE at the bottom

Parent/Guardian Agreement

Release and Permission:

“We the undersigned parents/guardians, grant permission for the participant to take part in the youth event LINKED HERE BY EMAIL. We represent to you that the participant is physically and mentally able to participate in activities. We understand that all information collected will remain confidential and is being gathered for the purpose of serving our student(s) while in the care of SAC. If we as parents/guardians are not present at a specific activity in which the participant is to participate, so as to be consulted in case of necessity, you are authorised on our behalf to arrange for such medical and hospital treatment as you may deem advisable for the health and well-being of the participant. The undersigned participant has insurance listed above. We as parents/guardians recognise that this is a Christian program and will have a spiritual emphasis.

We as parents/guardians recognize that weekly meetings and events include indoor and outdoor games and physical activities that may include inherent risk and we give our child permission to participate. We understand that this may include off-site events, including but not limited to events in Victoria, Duncan, Lake Cowichan and Nanaimo, which will involve vehicle travel and all inherent risk associated with the activities. We hereby authorise transportation in leader or volunteer vehicles throughout the year and we authorise permission for all events here.

We as parents/guardians authorize transportation by a sub-contracted transportation company when deemed necessary. Further, we as parents/guardians hereby grant full permission for SAC to record any or all participation in these events via photos, video, television, radio, or any other media for purposes of advertising and promotion without any reimbursement of any kind due to us or the released person, or the need to pay any fee.

I/We as parents/guardians give permission for the reasonable use of pictures, containing my child for promotional materials and SAC website.

Social networking by our youth through text messaging, Facebook and Twitter is the way youth communicate with each other on a routine basis. Plan to Protect 1   and Shawnigan Alliance Church acknowledge this reality but are still cognizant of protecting kids. Please be advised that Youth Leaders will not initiate contact with youth, other than advising on upcoming events and activities throughout the program year.

Note: Shawnigan Alliance Church is not responsible for children who are allowed to walk home, those who drive themselves home, or whose parents have allowed them to be picked up by people other than parents after events.

“I have read and understand the information above and here give my signature of agreement 


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